The US-1 is a rugged, long duration performance aircraft.  It represents a complete departure from drone designs of the past by leveraging an airframe that has battery cells integrated into the structure.   This patent pending design increases power, reduces weight, and provides stable long duration flight.  The aircraft will carry payload up to 6.2 lbs. and is currently certified with popular FLIR and Workswell camera systems that will meet most mission needs.  If you have a special payload need, please give us a call.  We are happy to explore special needs.


The US-1 is designed, engineered and assembled in our Santa Clara California factory.  The system provides secure flight data, and for special needs customers there are different options for data security.   We are happy to accommodate government and sensitive enterprise customers with special data security needs.

The aircraft is designed to endure the harsh service found in first responder missions, so it’s well suited for industrial and commercial applications that demand long duration flight.   The current FLIR thermal and visible payloads will satisfy many industrial applications, and the 30x optical low-light WIRIS camera will provides excellent zoom performance in the visible light channel.




External Dimensions 26″ x 26″
Vehicle Weight (no payload) 17.0 lb
Max Payload Weight (sea level) 8.7 lb
Flight Time (Standard Camera) 78 Minutes
Max airspeed 48 mph
Landing Gear Foldable, crash-absorbing
Battery Type Lithium-ion 1.2 kWh
Standard charger power 650W
Fast charger power 1200W
Fast charge time 25-75% in 35 minutes
Radio Range Up to 2 miles


Hard Shell Case Included
Dimensions 30″x30″x18″

Impossible Aerospace can certify third-party payloads for use with the US-1 on request. Please contact us to discuss using a payload other than the included camera set.


  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • American-based engineering and support team
  • LTE-based firmware updates
  • Pricing available on request


  • Auto-takeoff
  • Manual position control
  • Autonomous waypoint following
  • Survey
  • Return-to-home
  • User selectable geofence (no default geofences)


  • FLIR Duo Pro R Thermal/Optical Imaging Camera
  • 4K Color
  • Up to 640×512 thermal resolution
  • Multiple color pallets
  • Picture in Picture, FLIR MSX
  • 2 Micro SD Card Slots


  • 650W Charger
  • 1200W Fast Charger Optional
  • Travel Case
  • Handset controller
  • 2 Years LTE connectivity