Municipal lease-to-own and rent-lease financing program


Impossible Aerospace now offers two leasing solutions for public service agencies.  A conventional, municipal lease-to-own financing program can help agencies that need more than one aircraft to get off the ground with their unmanned aircraft program quickly.  Agencies that only need one aircraft can opt for rent-lease option with low monthly rates and no down payment.

The benefits for multi aircraft lease agreements include:

  • Immediate funding for unmanned aircraft and training products and services
  • No down payments
  • Low monthly payments
  • Delayed first payments up to several months to accommodate budget cycles
  • Fast approvals

Municipal lease-to-own financing is a very popular option for agencies that want to smooth out otherwise lumpy acquisitions.   Public agencies are highly creditworthy, so the rates are very low and the approvals can be done in just a couple days.   The agreements are very straightforward and simple, so contracts move quickly through the system.

We can bundle several services into a program package including:

  • Multiple aircraft and camera systems
  • On-site training for your agency
  • COA Certification Service

We have options to serve virtually any government agency.   For multi-aircraft programs, we work with team at First Capital Leasing Corp.  They have been in business for 35 years and have deep experience with supporting government agencies.

800-541-0114 x 22 (Direct)

Contact: Bob Arnowitt

Single unmanned aircraft programs

For single unmanned aircraft programs, we can support those directly from Impossible Aerospace with a 2-year municipal lease-rent program.  This program also offers low down payments and rates.


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