Impossible Aerospace Corporation is proud to announce the New US-1 First Responder 30X Zoom package.  The new multi-sensor payload gives first responders the most powerful optical and thermal cameras available in a compact package.   The 30X optical zoom camera provides the scene detail needed for law enforcement threat detection.  The new 800 x 600 thermal payload outperforms even the best FLIR DUO PRO R with 45% more pixels, 20% better sensitivity and more optical and digital zoom.  

This new high-performance multi-sensor system coupled with the long endurance flight capabilities of the US-1 make this system the ultimate First Responder unmanned aircraft package.  

“We’ve gotten great feedback from our law enforcement pilots on the flight duration of the US-1, but the missing component was a high performance multisensor”, Says Spencer Gore, CEO of Impossible Aerospace.    “This new optical zoom payload has incredible range performance, and at typical unmanned flight altitudes it gives tactical flight officers the ability to see small handheld threats.  The thermal camera is stunning, and it thoroughly outperforms the FLIR option.  The new 30X package delivers on our promise of purpose-built products for first responders.” 

You can see comparison video of the new 30X multisensor here:

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