70+ Minute Flight Time

Our patented design enables industry leading flight times, critical for law enforcement missions.  See it fly here.

Performance Drone Systems for First Responders

Our mission is to support those who serve and protect with performance unmanned aircraft, control systems, training and support. Learn more. 

Made in California, USA

Impossible Aerospace is dedicated to developing innovative aircraft and control systems here in the USA.  Learn more about us.

The US-1 Performance Aircraft

Purpose built for first responders and government agencies who need a rugged, long duration unmanned aircraft.

Watch the quick overview below.




Respond in Seconds

Impossible Air Support allows you to send flight ready drones to 911 calls and other emergencies to get eyes on scene withing seconds.  Learn more

Deploy from Rooftops

You can deploy from rooftops or from mobile command centers that can be positioned in high crime areas or any remote location. Learn more

Share Intel

Real time video from the aircraft can be distributed to anyone you choose within your secure network.   Visible and thermal video can evidence quality records. Learn more


See the future of emergency response.  We support turn-key systems using drones as first responders.

Impossible Air Support enables drones to respond to emergency calls in seconds and allows agencies to distribute decision quality video across the organization.

Watch the quick overview below.